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* Japan is an island country, and is consists of major four island;

Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.
* The four seasons of Japan are distinctively clear.
* About one tenth of Japan's population concentrates in its capital, Tokyo.
* There are particular charms in each season of Japan, and we can enjoy
wonderful contrastive scenes among the four seasons.
* Japan is also a country of earthquakes, and we have many earthquakes, slight
or severe, throughout the year
* February 3 is "Setsubun" and this day represents close of the winter.
* April is the cherry-blossom season in Japan, so many people go out here and there
to view the beautiful cherry-blossoms.
* A rainy season, "Tsuyu" , sets in early June and ends in late July in Japan,
and it rains gloomily almost every day.
* However, this rainy season is Heaven's dispensation for farmers to grow rice.
* July 7th is "Tanabata Matsuri" , the Star Festival.
* At the Star Festival, we decorate a bamboo grass with colorful strips of paper
tied on its branches, writing his or her own wishes on them.
========= My favorite words =========
** Even if you love someone else I don't know, my love for you will
    never change at all.